Henry Wolfe: Someone Else

Listen to “Someone Else” here

      1. Someone Else

With emotional vulnerability and wall-melting feeling, Henry Wolfe evokes our hearts. It is hard to put your finger on the tone of 3rd album Linda Vista’s “Someone Else.” Such lyrical honesty decorated with faint and saddened humor, savory piano, and yet, contrastingly uplifting old-fashioned hooks confuses and electrifies the senses. The most magical part is that there’s a secret ending for which  you must patiently wait almost a full minute: it’s a gorgeous Parisian-style instrumental to polish things off.

Mother, Meryl Streep may have passed on iconic genes, but Wolfe is paving his own way with inherent talent and an ear for classic sounding arrangements. You may not see him in feature films beside the coveted actress, but you will be hearing him. Indie flic “Terri” places this gem into its soundtrack displaying the sensations Wolfe’s music inspires in his listeners. Enjoy.