Helen Warner: Photography

“When I take a photograph I realize that it is a moment, frozen in time. In some way or another, a part of a visual archive that we have been creating for decades. Photography has changed dramatically with the digital age, but contrary to some people who say that people are creating a huge bank of awful pictures I just think it is interesting and representative of our times.”

Helen Warner is a Belfast based photographer, who prides herself on being photoshop free. Locations are a great source of inspiration for her and living in Ireland with it’s moody weather and vast landscapes has inspired her work. Victorian themes are everywhere, her imagination is allowed full access letting ideas organically develop spontaneously.

“I can be quite scared of my own imagination, I let it do its own thing and never try to pin it down with definite sketches. An idea can go in a completely different direction on the day, I’m a great believer in leaving a lot up to chance. The weather, the models, the location can all bring new things to the final photo. Anything can trigger an idea, it’s just a matter of keeping your eyes and mind wide open”.

This relative newcomer has the chops for editorial work, her use of composition, color, narrative all work integrally.  Pair this with her passion and talent, I’d say there’s a natural here. She is organically developing and building her own style. “Some people just don’t get them and some people instantly understand what i’m trying to do. It is about enchantment for me, about dreams and the subconscious.”

Warner has worked mostly online features and magazines such as Vogue.it amongst others and has had two exhibitions in Belfast and one is planned this year in Manchester. She shoots with a Canon EOS 5D mark II.

See more at www.flickr.com/people/airgarten