HEALTH is an experimental noise rock band from Los Angeles gearing up to release their second remixed album on Lovepump United called DISCO2. I saw HEALTH open for electro-punk rock group Crystal Castles the other night and as soon as I heard them perform the only new material off their up-coming album, a track by the name of “USA Boys“, it made me think twice about the potential of this band. I always new HEALTH had some pop sensibility in them and I have always championed their remixes, especially Crystal Castles track “Crime Wave“, but it wasn’t until I heard this new track a few days ago that I saw just how accessible this so called “noise rock” band can be.

USA Boys was recorded in Trent Reznor’s home studio and was mixed by My Bloody Valentine producer Alan Moulder, but the track has a sound that you can’t really compare to anyone else. Yes there are hints of shoegaze, IDM and dream-pop, but HEALTH paves their own unique path and they are definitely at their best. I can see them loosing some hardcore fans with the new track but then also gaining a bigger following than they ever imagined.

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      1. HEALTH - USA BOYS

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