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Have You Had It With Street Style?

streetstyle video trendland

Garage Magazine sat down with Tim Blanks for a look at the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style in this documentary entitled “Take My Picture”. 


While it highlights the impressive democracy that the phenomenon brings, it also gives a critical look into its ugly side. Not the only fashion journalist sounding out on the circus, Blanks’ shares his observations on the increasing commotion surrounding fashion shows.

Trendland fondly remembers shooting street style videos at NYFW just a few seasons back, among only a dozen photographers and even fewer videographers.  Now it seems as though the horizon is polluted by imposters, a veritable breeding ground for social climbers and wannabe Sartorialists and Tommy Tons (who are excellent photographers).  What is to make of this culture, in which everyone wants to get in on the action, but doesn’t necessarily have the chops to pull it off?  Hanneli Mustaparta, Phil Oh, Susie Lau, and others also lend their opinion and observations on the topic.