Haute Angelo Collages

by Guest Blogger Magdalena Kapuscinska

Visionary collages created by Greek fashion artist Haute Angelo are the result of handmade techniques interlaced with the deep insight of human subconsciousness and dreamy imagery about futuristic world. Collage illustrations, apart from styling, fashion and graphic design, are Angelo’s great passion and source of inspiration. As he explains: “Every single collage gives the opportunity of brainstorming and

multiple interpretations of my work. If you look at my collages you can read between the lines. There is always a hidden message.”

All of his works are designed manually without implementation of any graphic software. The process of creation is always intricate and experimental. Angelo puts a great pressure on aesthetics and complexity in his collages paying attention to every detail

The harmony of colors and stream of inspirations from the fashion world gives a stunning effect. The compositions look like mysterious codes of graphic visions deeply rooted in the fascinations about metropolitan pace and glamor. The message of collages depicts multidimensional response.

Images: the courtesy of Haute Angelo.

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