Hard Mix : King of the Stars

IĀ  accidentally stumbled upon Hard Mix while reading comments on one of my artist myspace pages. I just took a new job as an A&R for a small indie, so I am now more inclined to seek out artist via myspace. Let me be the first to tell you that ninety percent of what you seek out on myspace is junk, which can make this new job kind of shitty. Then there is that small ten percent and that is where South Carolina’s Hard Mix falls into the equation… A gem.

King of the Stars is a glo-fi mash up that samples Martha and the Vandellas “Jimmy Mack” and the Temptations “I’ll Love You Till I Die”. I mean I’m a big Motown fan, but whoever thought Diana Ross would sound so good over ethereal keys, 80’s synths and lazy beats? Leave it to Hard Mix to pave the way and if you don’t believe me, just listen for yourself.

Listen to “King of the Stars” here

      1. King of the Stars

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