Hanna Albrektson’s Artworks

I just discovered the work of Swedish illustrator/paper artist Hanna Albrektson, and I must say that I really enjoyed looking through her portfolio. Especially striking are her beautiful drawings over photographs and her shoes and bags made from paper. She is very talented and technical and is always open to receiving new types of assignments. Below are some of my favorites from her portfolio.

Hanna Albrektson describes herself as ‘one of those people who drew and painted, cut and pasted since they could hold a pen’. After training in art, painting, print and graphic design, she began working as an illustrator full-time in 2005, primarily with print commissions, usually with fashion clients.

Hanna strives to give each picture more than one dimension. Sometimes so small as to be almost indiscernible, other times much more tangible, such as when she constructs illustrations in paper and then has them photographed.

‘When I create my images, it’s important that there is an obvious human touch behind them, a genuine feeling of craftsmanship to the picture. That is probably why I mix different techniques so freely and use everything from ink and gouache to pencil and paper cuts’

‘I like collaboration. I think you get best results when you combine text with illustrations or photos. My goal is to give my images an aura of charm, disco and honesty’

See more of her work at www.weekendform.com & www.agentmolly.com

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