Hamansutra: ‘A Thousand Moves in the Game of Fashion’

The Hamansutra label was launched in Munich, Germany, in 1996 and the company was formed in London in 2004. The Hamansutra brand presents clothing as art objects, focusing on a holistic view of external changes which in turn necessitate designs to be aligned in keeping. See some of his latest project below like the CMYK by Hamanstutra X Philip Hanske shoe collection and his Amos custom outfits…

Formative influences included the clothing division of the German Military Forces, where hamansutra learnt to appreciate the value of timeless design, and the wardrobe department of the Bavarian State Opera, located in King Ludwig’s former bedroom, where hamansutra worked on theater costumes and shoes for productions including Richard Wagner’s ‘Twilight of the Gods’ and ballets by Jacopo Godani.

Armed with a formidable range of skills in top-to-toe fashion creation, the hamansutra brand engages the imagination in an exploration of the thin line between art and fashion.

The slogan ‘a thousand moves in the game of fashion’ expresses this conceptual approach – the desire to provide an artistic backdrop for people as actors in the play of their own lives.


An overall is something inseparable, as the name implies – the upper and lower body are welded together. There’s nothing that feels more human.
Hamansutra cut his teeth in military tailoring – and has the chops to incorporate these elements into his costumes.
Created with love from New York City, manufactured in Germany.

Photography . Denis Pernath
Retouching . Grossmeister Blitz


I developed my own philosophy from my passion for instructions, and the endlessly changing positions in the game of fashion.




hamansutra’s first shoe range CMYK launches globally in spring/summer 2011/2012. creator haman alimardani is a new york-based avantgarde fashion designer, graphic artist and internationally acclaimed dj. CMYK stands for the four basic print and graphic colors of cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black), complemented by versatile white. this unisex shoe in quality leather features a supple, ultra-comfortable design modeled on classical ballet and dance shoes and fitting as flexibly as a sock — yet the CMYK is also rugged enough for everyday wear. unique laces tipped with stereo mini-jacks reference hamansutra’s hallmark: a communication-based fusion of fashion and music. the CMYK is a go- anywhere shoe that takes you from dance studio or stage to club and city.

hamansutra’s message is

“my shoes are to the world as paint is to a picture.”

Photography Tetsuo Hamamoto

More information and projects at www.hamansutra.com

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