craig redman celebrity portraits

Half Warhol & half Lichtenstein Celebrity Portraits by Craig Redman

craig redman celebrity portraits

Not the most recent artwork seen on the web, but since we haven’t reviewed it, I thought it was a good idea to introduce you to the beautiful celebrity portraits work of Craig Redman of the NY graphic design duo Craig & Karl. The series, Guise and Protagonist, was designed for a joint exhibition in Ferrara and Milan.


From artists to pop start or fashion and film icons Craig Redman redesign their portrait with colorful geometric patterns in a very Linchtenstein and Warhol style. Each face is so obvious that you can mistake who’s who. Apperetnly they are for sale but I haven’t find links for it, maybe contacting the artist is your best bet.

craig redman celebrity portraits


Woody Allen

craig radman anna piaggi

Anna Piaggi

craig radman keith haring

Keith Haring

craig radman kanye west

Kanye West

craig radman giorgio armani

Giorgio Armani

craig radman lebron james

Lebron James

craig radman lady gaga

Lady Gaga

craig radman valentino


craig radman terry richards

Terry Richardson

More information and orders at & – Thanks to FastcoDesign for the tip !