Hadley Freeman Interviews Phoebe Philo


Yesterday I read an article from one of my favorite fashion journalists, Hadley Freeman, for the UK Guardian that made my day, week and even year. Now obviously we have been hearing this news since September of 2008, but it was Hadley’s article supported by interviews with Phoebe Philo, Olivia Morris (Philo’s good friend), and Marco Gobetti (president of Celine) that really made the full impact of Philo’s return to the industry.

A intriguing woman to say the least…THE women’s designer of our generation, a mother to two youngens, a wife, and one of the best thing to happen to fashion in 2009…Phoebe Philo makes her comeback by joining Celine. I really could not imagine a more perfect liaison than this. I mean, a 3-year break after delivering the best in womenswear for 3 years at Chloe, should flourish seamlessly into the next step for Philo’s customer, who are starting to mature to a more sophisticated wardrobe. The next step for her Chloe customer is on its way and I can say in full confidence it will be delivered with a splash!

“Philo has always had a very simple approach to designing: she makes the clothes that she would like to wear at that moment. It is just fortunate that what she wants to wear millions of others do too, and that she herself is such an aspirational model, going from London party girl in her 20s to relaxed and happy mother in her 30s. Referring to her time at Central Saint Martins in the 90s, when intellectual designers such as Hussein Chalayan and Alexander McQueen were de rigueur, Philo once said, [“I just wanted to make a pair of trousers that made my arse look good, rather than a pair that represented the Holocaust or something”].”

If you fashion is your forte than you would be missing out not to read the oh so fulfilling article in The Gaurdian by Hadley Freeman.