Gustavo Amaral Mixed-Media Collages

Gustavo Amaral is a Brazilian artist who creates mixed-media collages that explore the human form. His works capture simultaneously the body in its external form, and the inner emotions and psyche the exist beneath its shell.

With themes such as the human body, emotions, architecture and collective consciousness are research targets. Amaral weaves, glues and sews the fragmentation of himself in papers, fabrics, and textures. From his photographs, searches of images from old magazines and books, the artist interprets and revisits a personal feeling with his collages.

Collage and painting techniques are used as a tool of re-signification of the past in favor of the co-creation of the present. The bodybuilding of the residence that we disentangle. The home we remember. The artist perceives the collage that is the universe of the senses. The dialogue of a city that is cut by buildings, boredom and worldly desires.