‘Green Room’: Kinetic Waves by Glithero

As part of London Design Festival, design studio Glithero along with duo Tim Simpson and Sarah Van Gameren has set up a majestic installation in the Victoria and Albert Museum, in partnership with luxury watchmaker Panerai. The installation is named ‘Green Room’, in reference to the term used by surfers to describe the moment of being inside the barrel of a wave, unveiling the green color due to light reflection.

Above the stairwell on the West side of the museum, descends a cylindrical curtain made up of 160 illuminated silicone cords, that embrace six levels down a 17.5 meter drop. Each strings is connected to a central rotating cam arm that turns at a rate of one revolution per minute. The piece is controlled by a 3.2 meter-diameter ring. In pivoting, the strings slowly rise and fall, creating the wavy visual effect. The perpetual motion of the impenetrable veil conveys to a dynamic of an incredible fluidity. In an classical ornate surroundings, ‘Green Room’ is a kinetic response to the inevitable and infinite passage of time.

Photography by Ed Reeve


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