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Grand Analog : Wild Animal Print

      1. Wild Animal Print - Grand Analog

Grand Analog just bumped Toronto up a notch as they lay down top shelf beat with indie hip-hop on Modern Thunder (Feel Up Records). Odario Williams, Warren Bray, Alister Johnson, TJ Garcia definitely shake it up with modern beatboxing and killer scratch.

You can’t ignore the underlying sounds of The King of Pop which tap a 70s-80s pop influence in tracks like Gorgeous Jane , Wild Animal Print and Lion Head.  These guys deliver beatnik rap with the flavor of The Roots, Outkast, and Major Lazer, offsetting their niche sound and penetrating every corner of the dance floor.

They’ve performed around the world and mixed with some big talent while making a huge name for themselves throughout the club scene and festivals like SXSW. And now we get to own their music. Check out their latest track Wild Animal Print and enjoy the crew’s album out this month.