Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration

With the right illustrator, a fashion drawing can commemorate the subtle nuances of a style, develop the essence of a brand, and capture the spirit and spontaneity of a designer in a intimate way unmatched by a photograph.  A look into the Trendland fashion illustration archives says as much without words.  For all of those on the lookout for tomorrow’s brightest stars in this field, look no further than Fashion Space Gallery’s latest exhibition, entitled Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration, curated by Ligaya Salazar and Polana Dolzan and featuring a whole roster of outstanding artists we have previously highlighted.

With over 60 hand selected illustrations, the 13 international emerging talents selected for Go Figure include Richard Kilroy, Artaksiniya, Tara Dougans, and Laura Laine, and showcase a range of styles in a variety of media, from hand-drawn to digitally created. Additionally, Slashstroke Magazine has created a series of posters, seen here, for each artist featured. If you are in London, we highly recommend this exhibit, on view through July 14th.

Check Go Figure: New Fashion Illustration at www.fashionspacegallery.com

more at Slashstroke Magazine

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