Gianmaria Schonlieb Creative Director

Gianmaria Schonlieb is a multidisciplinary Creative Director with extensive experience in advertising and art direction. He has created advertising campaigns for many iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Dodge, Converse, and Google. Formerly of Wieden+Kennedy & B-Reel, he is now the Creative Director of NYC based furniture start-up, Burrow.

As his work tells, Gianmaria is one of those creatives that has dedicated their career to guiding brands into doing what their competitors are not, but without losing their identity.

“I like to focus on simple moments. Advertising is something that we don’t really need in life, so I have always loved to focus on small moments, objects, and little things that are often overlooked but that can make you crack a smile.”

Gianmaria’s style is colorful, pop, with a whimsical irony as the common thread throughout his work. Up-close, stylized, everyday snaps of a moment injected with irreverence to make the viewer look twice, and connect to the image. As an art director by trade, all of his projects are highly directed, but always with a little dose of messiness. That’s his recipe.

“I take lots of inspiration from fashion and other forms of art such as dance (I love music videos!). I love focusing on body positions, interesting shapes framed by camera angles that are unusual compared to ones normally seen in ads. That’s how I started creating imagery for lifestyle brands with faceless talent. When we don’t see a person’s face then we can focus on the body language and colors of the outfits. Somehow it creates a deeper level of intimacy that it is quite surprising, and we start wondering what’s the story behind that image.”

This is evident in the lifestyle photography campaigns that Gianmaria has been creating for the furniture brand, Burrow. The goal of the imagery is to show that real life does not look like a catalog image or an influencer’s grid. It’s about embracing the little flaws and mundane moments that make up the bulk of daily life, with all its attendant imperfections.

This other series of lifestyle images, shot in various locations around the world, are perfect representations of Gianmaria’s eye. People portrayed in everyday moments but not during the bulk of the action, but right before or after the fact. In this way we can enjoy those small details that we might lose otherwise.

Words and submission by Gianmaria Schonlieb