Georges Rousse Trompe L’oeil Art

A while ago we reviewed Swiss artist Felice Varni’s trompe l’oeil work. Well his inspiration comes from the master of trompe l’oeil art, French artist/photographer Georges Rousse who invented ‘Geometrism’ in space. There are no accidents in his work. Everything is planned, from its very inception to the final snapshot.

You should obviously know that there is no photoshop, nor any computer involved in his art, these are only painted works or set-decor brought into the scenes.

” He constructs installations that introduce a simulacrum of volume into a real volume. These intangible visions assert themselves as a pure, solipsistic presence, without neither a beginning nor a future.”

Light is often at the heart of this work, real light that radiates from a cube floating in a dark space, illusory light spilling from an open door, light restored by a phosphorescent bit of paint.

One of his latest project is the Durham Project


Check Georges Rousse website for more amazing work – Thanks to /// for the tip !