Generationals: Dirty Mister Dirty

Listen to “Dirty Mister Dirty” here

      1. Dirty Mister Dirty


When they make a hit, they make a hit, and Generationals have no difficulty making a catchy tune to cruise the streets to. Sticking to their chant-like American roots of uplifting piano basses, the New Orleans’ boys–Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer– have followed up their last EP, Trust with an equally spirit-raising sound. Their 2nd full length album, Actor-Caster released earlier this year with underrated praise, but “Dirty Mister Dirty” deserves a more celebrated arrival. The track shows off the duo’s pop-driven perk that caught our attention in “When They Fight They Fight” featuring female vocalist, Faye Black. As in the past, their music flirts with the simple joys of life and love, capturing a brighter side of their blues-ridden home town. Enjoy!