Gas’d December 1st Video Premiers

"Met Her On Thursday" thumbnail

As promised in the previous Gas’d post, here are the treats [in both video and lyrical format] officially released on the first day of this holiday month:

The “Met Her On Thursday” Trailer

…love met, love chased, love missed…

People passing him by, him not minding passersby.
His mind is off the daily bustle & switched on channel 210: her.
Waiting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, ever so patiently.
Wondering, wandering, pondering.
Looking, peering, searching.
Him: bashful, nervous, shy & at the same time tickled, excited, eager.
Will he bump into her today?
Casually yet meaningfully passing through the same hallway, day after day, night after night.
The amble from 201 to 210 causes his heart to beat with such swiftness.
In passing it, he sneaks a quick look at the same closed red door with the same black numbers,
optimistic that it might open with perfect timing one of these days.
Is today the day? Is tonight the night? Will yesterday’s closed door yield to tomorrow’s opened?
At long last, on the nature of daylight, he meets her on Thursday.
Accidentally on purpose, a random destiny, a flawless fate.

Him&Her 201:210

The “Met Her On Thursday” Lookbook

The LOVE Bike

Riding love around the city.

Traveling & traversing, infiltrating every nook & cranny.

The body of the bike is metaphorically yours, within both exist love.

The mind of the bike is metaphorically yours, pedaling forward in search of future love & pedaling backward reminiscing past love.

The spirit of the bike is metaphorically yours, in daylight by sunshine, reflecting & absorbing the infinite streets, in nighttime by starlight, an emanating shine in the shadows.