Garden of Eden by Pamela Tan

Tan’s work could be described as; that moment when you just fall into a deep sleep and enter the world of dreams or the afterlife which people call heaven. Feeling light and relieved or in other words an infinite world of calmness and serenity. The artist herself describes it as follows “My feet may be stuck on earth, But my mind is a realm of Eden; The heaven’s wonder”.

As you step into the Garden of Eden the visitor is invited to re-discover how nature can be experienced by intensified details, through the organic structures of the arched passageways.

The skeletal structure is inspired by the architecture of the victorian-era, but the work is also a nod to the design and engineering marvel of the “Crystal Palace”.  The palace was built in Hyde Park, London to house the great exhibition of 1851, made from an impressive iron structure with an interior height of 128 feet.

The artist’s work contains glass spheres that are delicately perched on the cusp of the hanging vines, echoing water droplets on leaves, just after it has been raining. With her garden, Tan wishes to bring the viewer to experience the joy of looking closer, similar to our childhood when the world seemed very small. Additionally, to let you believe, even if it is for a moment, that you actually are in paradise.