Galaxy Soho by Zaha Hadid Architects

Written by Madeline Rudin
Known for the dimension and fluidity in their existing designs, Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled yet another breathtaking masterpiece. This time, an architectural wonderland comprised of four ovular volumes fluidly connected by weaving bridges and interlocking passageways, called the Galaxy Soho—a name that befits the sublime urban utopia.

The massive corner-less complex, set in the heart of Beijing and hoped to serve as a central hub to the bustling metropolis, will house retail and entertainment facilities on the first three floors, restaurants and bars on the top few floors, and innovative office and work spaces sandwiched in between.

With grand open expansions internally woven between each superstructure, the project is meant to embody the perpetual motion displayed in traditional Chinese architectural spaces, creating a natural continuity in the rhythmic flow of movement between the buildings.