Gabriel Mendes Gets Me Again and Again


It’s hard to manifest in my words the power and layers of documentation that Gabriel Mendes achieves in his photos. He has been exploring this concept of street art and street profiles for more than 3 years and his photos feel more and more alive as this project continues to come together. This photograph made me gasp! Brazilian model Raika, styled for this street profile in queens right near PS1 Contemporary Art Musuem is approached by these two archival characters of our time. “Where did they come from” i kept asking, I cant imagine a more perfect visual brew. So fucking rock roll its almost ridiculous. I mean the hair, the vests, the skinny as hell jailbreaker and plaid pants (pants,no, leggings!), the boom box , the arts and crafts Chanel rebel skateboard, the cigarettes and THE FUCKING ATTITUDE! Someone throw me a freakin’ bone here.

whats your bid?