Gabbani Brand Identity

We love food branding & identity. For this post we are focusing on Gabbani, one of the most famous Italian Delicatessen. An old family business that survived and flourished until becoming the state-of-the-art reference in the food industry. The 2010 new identity was created by Demian Conrad ; The idea behind the project was create a fashionable and bold identity in order to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market. Visually the references are from the flavor of the 30’s with a mix of various topographies and the use of the black&white optical art typical of the 60’s.

Particularly for the new line of packaging, it takes its references from some elements of the Optical Art movement as well as playing with the Italian popular culture (Pulcinella).

The black and white approach makes the all range standing out from the colorful and flashy bags commonly used by the competitors. The vibration of the lines gives Gabbani a notion of hidden colors and movement.

Im guessing they are redoing the website as well, cause it needs a redesign too!

More info at Demian Conrad & thanks to Abitare for the info !