FYFE : Through The Wire (Kanye West Cover)

Any cover track is nothing shy of ambitious, but a Kanye? That’s a statement. Since 2004, well over 100 covers of the hip-hop-tabloid-road-show-king have hit the web, from string quartets and jazz to the depths of R&B.


Leave it to English music sensation, FYFE to take it up a notch with their Kanye cover “Through The Wire”. Ultra sleek sample overlays combined with his eclectic dance flair bring this track home. It’s fresh, all the right beats, and deserving of a max volume listen.


The buzz comes before Fyfe drops their debut album, Control, (Believe Digital) out March 2015.


Also, if you are unfamiliar with the original version of “Through The Wire” by Kanye check out the video below.