Fumie Sasabuchi – Beauty Concept & Fashion Death

Japanese Artist Fumie Sasabuchi reworks the pages of fashion magazines and deconstructs the perception of a perfect physique and plays a lot with the subject of death. She uses this tool to freely explore an underlying surface, therefore creating hybrid body images in which promotional aesthetic is fused with material naturalistic anatomical study. Fumie Sasabuchi comments on how our skin naturally protects our body.

The manipulation of the modern visual world represents, in the 21st Century, an accepted magnitude. However, there are still very clear boundaries with regards to what is allowed to be shown. The subject of death remains as one of many taboos in Western culture. Fumie Sasabuchi unlocks the repressed visual world and reveals a new concept of beauty. Via ZinkBlog See more on Artnet

Fumie Sasabuchi
Galerie Zink Berlin
01. November – 20. December 2008