benjamin clementine album cover

From the Parisian Subway to the Biggest European Stages

benjamin clementine album cover

Benjamin Clementine is a charismatic singer-poet, pianist, composer and affecting performer. Hailing from London, he started his artistic career whilst traveling in Paris in 2009. At just 19 his talent was discovered while playing in the Parisian Subway. He has also been highly praised for his distinctive tenor vocals.

“I am an expressionist; I sing what I say, I say what I feel and i feel what I play by honesty and none other but honesty. Some will get bored of me, but I invite the patient listener to come forth, feel and most importantly engage with me without asking too many questions. Hopefully by the end of listening they shall get answers not questionable, wether pleasing or not.”

benjamin clementine burberry
Pictures from Burberry Prorsum latest runway where he performed a live set on the piano for the proceedings.


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Composed, written and performed by Benjamin Clementine
Directed by Nicolas Barek for B.O.X Production
Published by Warner Chappell Music France and EOS Publishing