From Print Layout to Web Design – The Trends

It is not often that I review web design on Trendland, not because I don’t like it, but more because there is nothing too exciting to talk about it. Well, there is now. This past Sunday I surfed for hours on some of the best web/graphic design and typography websites in the world. I was already excited for the arrival of CSS3 + Html5 (almost a year ago) and the growing popularity of the @fontface, where you can now embed pretty much any fonts on your websites. With services like Typekit and plugins like lettering.js, typefaces are seeing a big revamp on the web. It is very stimulating, but that’s not it! The most exciting is seeing the ability of full control editorial design on the web. And I couldn’t wait for that!

Basically its the idea of matching design to content and breaking free from the template that 99.9% of the sites have on the internet. Great designers such as Gregory Wood, Jason Santa Maria, Dustin Curtis, Trent Walton and Yaron Schoen have already designed their sites that way, and it is such a pleasure to go through and read articles that way –  the feeling of magazines cannot get closer.

With the incorporation of Media Queries, where the content and format alter positions automatically depending on the screen size, whether its an iPhone, iPad or a large screen. For example check this page and re-size your browser window, you’ll see what I mean.

This is some very exciting news for us web designers and website editors, and that’s a trend that is just starting. You should know that TRENDLAND is working on offering you a more enjoyable reading experience, as we speak.

From Print Layout to Web Design – The Trends

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