Frank Hülsbömer’s “The Fiction of Science”

German photographer Frank Hülsbömer has made a trademark for himself by delivering scientific and conceptually minimalistic art to various international magazines. Reminiscent of the abstract photography of Moholy-Nagy, his work indicates the recent rediscovery of abstraction and geometrical work in contemporary art.

Whether sketchily visualized thoughts or meticulously staged motifs, his dynamic depictions of immobile objects often resemble computer renderings. Despite its minimalistic strength and quasi-scientific precision, Hülsbömer’s photographic aesthetic shines with exceptional depth and creates an outstanding poetic visuality.

His book The Fiction of Science, published by Gestalten Verlag showcases his diligently visualized installations with simple ingredients such as colored paper, mirrors, wires and pieces of metal captured through his lenses, a game of a hide and seek with shadow and light.