Francis And The Lights : Darling It’s Alright

My very first post on Trendland was about Francis and the lights and with the arrival of a new album I am back to writing about them. Currently opening for Drake on tour they have come a long way since I wrote about them almost a year ago. Their new album is nothing short of amazing and credit is due to frontman Francis Farewell Starlite, and yes that is his legal name. I described Francis and the Lights as reto-futurisitc and they still fall under that category/title. In the two interviews Francis Starlite has given that I’ve read he shy’s away from naming influences or comparisons so I shall do the same. It was hard to pick a track to feature so I decided to go with the official first single that already has a video. A video that was shot in one take I might add.  The song consists of live percussion, a simple guitar and piano riff but sprinkled through out are random synths that spice up the track and give it the futuristic in retro futuristic. With that said make sure to check out the video and also give the album a listen.

Listen to “Darling its alright” here

      1. 05-Darling_ It_s Alright

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Francis and the Lights