Foxygen: On Blue Mountain


If you haven’t listened to We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic, put it on your to-do list – ASAP. It’s the sophomore EP released this year from LA based duo Foxygen.

[mp3j track=”FoxygenOnBlueMountain.mp3″]

Members Jonathan Rado and Sam France have a unique avant-garde psychedelic style that reminds me of The Rolling Stones/Jimi Hendrix meeting a refreshing abstract lyrical freedom. This album did a great job showcasing the bands full potential – its playable from start to finish and time-warps you through arguably one of the best musical eras in history. So far my favorite song off this album is “On Blue Mountain”, where the 60s influence of classic American rock blends perfectly with Sam France’s talk-sing vocals and blues-y switch-hitting tempo. This song feels like it was pulled out of some vintage vault – it has a retro style and amazing crescendo instrumentals. Bands like Tame Impala, Yeasayer, and Girls have definitely set the bar high for the present day indie-psyche rock genre, but I think Foxygen has answered back with an originality that is organic and one-of.

Written by Guest Blogger Dana Kelly