Food Heaven With Gojee

For every chef or food lover looking for some new ideas, Gojee is here you to inspire! With tons of appetizing recipes, this new website will make everyone hungry happy. Beautifully designed with their full screen slideshow interface, the site lets you randomly browse amongst more than 10,000 dishes handpicked by GoJee’s staff.

“One thing that makes us different from all of the other recipe sites is that they serve up every solution,” says Gojee CEO and co-founder Michael Lavalle. “We’ve found that a lot of people buy the same 20 ingredients and they make the same 20 dishes with them, and they’ve been doing that for five years. We’re not going to convert a chicken eater into a beef eater, but what we can do is give that chicken eater some really fun stuff to make that he hasn’t really thought about before.”

Users search for what they’re craving. They can influence results by what they have in their pantries (in some cases they can set up their loyalty grocery cards to automatically update this) and what they dislike.

Since it launched last week, 50,000 users have signed up for GoJee. Lavalle says one of its biggest draws is that the site, which displays search results as giant photo slideshows instead of tiny listings, is simply so darn beautiful.

“It’s so fun to use and it’s so pleasing as an experience,” he says. “Whether or not you like food or hate food or whatever, it’s just a happy hour of your day. ”

To read recipes, users need to visit its creator’s website, which Lavalle says keeps bloggers happy, too.

Before launching GoJee, Lavalle and his co-founders spent about a year in the food space. First they worked on a project he describes as “ for food.” Next they moved on to “Twitter for food.”

Create your account and browse at | Thanks to Mashable for the tip!