Fol Chen : Winter, That’s All

Fol Chen is an eclectic pop-art group from the Highland Park area of Los Angeles, other than that, not much is known. Their identities are never revealed, they seem to all have nicknames and they have a very interesting narrative as a back story. What is known is that they released their first album, “Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made” a year ago this month on Asthmatic Kitty to rave reviews. They opened us up to a new sound which can only be describe as dark electronic mixed with bubble-gum pop, which are two polar opposites. As there is talk of an unconfirmed album slated for this year and announced tour dates all over the world supporting art-rock kings, the Liars, I thought I would reminisce on my favorite track from their first album.

Winter, That’s All is Fol Chen at their best…. a perfect industrial pop song. Heavy drums and dark saw-tooth bass lines build a strong foundation, the vocals are soft with a pop esthetic and when that horn section comes in… you are now a Fol Chen fan for life. Winter is catchy as hell, makes you want to dance your ass off and gives Hot Chip a run for their money. Turn the bass way up!

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      1. 06 Winter, That's All

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Fol Chen

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