Foam Novelties by Roos Gompert

“Two materials that are each other’s visual and physical opposites. One often used to protect the other. By treating glass and foam as equals, both materials enhance each other and gain new meaning,” says Amsterdam-born upcoming designer Roos Gompert of her latest project ‘Foam and Glass’.


The project was created especially for the Dutch Invertual Exhibition ‘Revaluate’, which took place as part of Dutch Design Week.  In totality, the project embraces the notion of simplicity through playful experimentation of contrasting materials, colors and shapes. A celebration of contradictory elements, the project possesses a distinct visual balance and evokes a sense of equanimity.


Despite the contemporary composition, the textured surfaces combined with muted colors; echo organic forms lending the materials a soft almost whimsical quality.  Gompert successfully re-incarnates these materials in an invigorating way.

Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-01 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-2 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-3 Roos Gomperts_09 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-4 Roos Gomperts_03 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-5 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-6 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-7 Roos Gomperts_04 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-8 Roos Gomperts_Foam_and_glass-9


More about the work can be found here.

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