Florence + the Machine: What the Water Gave Me

Listen to “What the Water Gave Me” here

      1. What The Water Gave Me

Florence + the Machine has announced an LP to follow thier hugely popular as powerful debut LP, Lungs. The soul is almost gospel with the blasting choir: the gospel built on layers of harp and crashing cymbals gives shivers. It’s a redeeming ritual for a group to remain as poignant as their debut, but leading lady, Florence Welch seems to have no intentions of falling into dull waters.

In “What the Water Gave Me,” the booming aerial pop that defined Lungs shines through with what seems to be even more of a Florence touch. The cohesive strength could be explained by the record’s, and album’s, solo producer Paul Epworth (featured in “Cosmic Love”) of Adele and Bloc Party, while the debut album featured many producers and styles. The new LP will arrive to the relief of many November 7th. Enjoy the first taste.