Flight Facilities : Crave You Feat. Giselle

Ok so this going to be short because little is actually known about flight facilities except that fact that they are a DJ duo claiming to be from Trinidad and Tobago but according to Wikipedia and other sources they are apparently Australian. I am inclined to believe this seeing as there only release so far besides mixtapes and remixes is this track here and it features Giselle Roselli who is an Australian singer. But in reality who cares where they are from anyway, the track is hot and that’s all that really matters. Starts out mellow, gives you a minute and a half to settle in, and then Giselle’s voice comes in cradled by a piano riff asking you why you don’t want her like the other boys do. Enough said. Sit back and enjoy…

Listen to “Crave You” Here

      1. 01-flight_facilities-crave_you_feat_giselle_(original_mix)

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