Fingal Ferguson Stunning Handmade Knives

We just stumbled on the gorgeous handmade knives by Irish Butcher (and knife-maker) Fingal Ferguson (Thanks to our favorite Michelin Chef Francis Mallmann IG).

Born and raised on their farm in Gubbeen, in West Cork, Ireland. Ferguson always had a passion for knives. At a young age, he inherited his uncle’s collection of knives – a beautiful selection from his travels around the world. Growing up on the farm, he learned that for every job there was a knife, and a good, solid knife was always an essential tool. Ferguson has been a butcher for the past 18 years, and again, knives play a vital role in his working life!

Surrounded by artists and artisans all his life, and thanks to them he came to understand that importance of quality in one’s work is always appreciated. The more so when tools like knives are designed with functionality as the guiding factor. His aim, as a knife-maker, is to make knives that work for the purpose and the user, are comfortable and sharp, and are also pleasing to the eye.