FeO2 bike Winner of the Partisan Vodka Bike Battle

Written by Guest Blogger Natalie Unterschuetz & Dominique Heiermann

Dear Bike-Fetishists, please give some attention to a ride, that doesn’t only look completely wicked and gives you a great feeling when riding it, but is also high of quality. The German liquor factory ‘Partisan-Vodka from Belarus’ summoned a special competition to create two different bikes by two German teams. Both had the same budget of only 700€ and they had only six weeks to get ready and present their designs. The most important condition: absolute secrecy about what was going on in their private workshops. The prize for the winners were fame of course and the production of a very limited edition of the winning bike. The fans of the Partisan Facebook Page had to decide and to vote, which that would be. To be kind, we mention the opposing team that created a bike called “Machete”.
But let’s present the (deservedly) winner: FeO2—a fixed gear bike, made by hand with love and passion, rusty painted and every part chosen with caution.

The bike exudes personality and quantity at the same time, which shows that Hans Steinkopf, Sebastian Faber and Christian Görmer who built it are professionals and know exactly what a bike shouldn’t be missing.

They gave it an incredibly unique style, inspired by different styles and not only fixed-gear bicycles. The Classic Track Frame is far from boring in that rusty coloring. You’re sitting on what is probably the most comfortable saddle in the world of bike saddles, made by Brooks.

The Charge “Dish” wheel set in combination with the softly gleaming Miche Crank makes this bike turn everybody’s head, for sure. The icing on the cake is the blanket fixed
with a belt (both by Army) in front of the handlebars, that invites you to stop your ride and chill wherever you want. And with a slug of the hip flask behind you, your short break is perfect.

In the end, about 270 people voted for ‘FeO2’ and our three designers immediately got a lot of requests where to buy it. Enjoy the view! If you want to have one of these bikes, you have to write to ‘Partisan’—valid only for as long as stocks last and that will be definitely a really short time. So hurry up!

Creators: Hans Steinkopf, Sebastian Faber and Christian Görmer

More information at www.partisan-vodka.de & www.facebook.com