FEIT Unique Collab’ with Handmade Furniture Maker BDDW

Today is launching the FEIT for BDDW // BDDW for FEIT, a design project between two pioneers of handmade, Tull Price of FEIT and Tyler Hays of BDDW.

This collaboration showcases the artistry of today’s best modern handmade footwear and furniture companies. Tull and Tyler have developed a highly limited run of 60 unisex hiking boots. Each pair produced is unique – each dyed, painted, and embossed by hand at Tyler’s Philadelphia studio. The project is complemented by a design catalog and hand-made custom wood box that comes with each shoe, and a limited run of custom posters. The shoes are priced at $2500 per pair.

Tyler Hays of BDDW & Tull Price of FEIT

Photography by Ben Pogue


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