FEIT New Store, Installation Three: Service & Supply

[San Fransisco]

Installation Three: Service & Supply is the latest store by FEIT and designed by Jordana Maisie Design Studio (JMDS). Its first west coast U.S. store just opened in the Jackson Square neighborhood of San Francisco.

The concept reimagines the traditional cobbler shoe store; refocusing the customer experience on the relationship between seating, service, storage and display.

The store has been purposefully design around service and will provide Bay Area customers tactile care and repair services that are an evolution of the brand’s core sustainable production practices.

FEIT products are built by humans, not machines. Each shoe is hand-lasted and hand-sewn from start to finish by one craftsman using only natural materials. The entire process takes 2 weeks. Production is highly limited—seasonal styles are made in runs of 60 approximately.

By virtue of the practices employed in production, FEIT goods are optimally designed to be cared for, repaired, and reused. Read more here on principles.

“I have always loved San Francisco: the climate and customer is similar to New York where we have two stores currently existing. Over the past few years we have seen continual growth in demand through e-commerce, and felt the need to provide the same tactile care and repair services that we provide our customers in New York at present.”
– Tull Price, FEIT founder

“The 80sq m space is clean, minimal and open, showcasing FEIT’s handmade products on raw expansive plains of naturally finished birch plywood, cast against raw concrete flooring. The simplicity of the FEIT footwear and care packaging has been elevated as a design element, introducing a repetitive, rhythmic feature that focuses the design experience on the product. The perimeter shelving system provides an enhanced level of service as stock is accessed without leaving the floor.” – Jordana Maisie, JMDS founder

Photographer credit: Carlos Chavarría.

San Francisco is the third store in the U.S. for FEIT and is located at 406 Jackson Street, CA 94111.