Feder : Goodbye feat Lyse

      1. Feder - Goodbye (ft Lyse) - Feder


      2. Rodriguez - SIXTO (Feder Remix) - Rodriguez


      3. Feder - C'est lundi (ft KYS) - Feder


Feder, not to be mistaken with Federer, is the self-proclaimed french electro eclectique producer behind “Goodbye” and featuring Lyse. His technicality is immediately pronounced in the careful attention he puts into each and every individual sound that build onto his musical arrangements and it only goes to show his strong background which is rooted in the composition of original music for motion picture.


With only a few tracks release to date under the moniker Feder including a more than memorable remix of Rodriguez’ “Sixto”, “C’est Lundi” featuring KYS, and his latest “Goodbye”, the music man is comprehensibly separating himself in a vast ocean of electronic produce and in turn crafting his own distinct style to perfection.