Faye: Water Against The Rocks


      1. Water Against The Rocks


With her recent pop release, Swedish artist, Faye (aka Fanny) carries a fluid high note from mid track to the last deep beat as her filtered vocals stretch into controlled belting while overlapping electro crescendos. “Water Against The Rocks” (Best Fit Recordings) fulfills a layered flirtation and chill between seamless bass and feminine cries while punching in a few drops, extracting that Swede pop edge to keep the pulse up. And Faye rolls beyond the big North sound as she weaves in dramatic emotion with a roaring collection of thoughtful synth work.


Her previous collaboration with beat kings, Montauk on “Come To Me” (02/12 on Hybris) may be accentuating her stealth sound while her vocal collage plays a standout role in the textured piece. Our increasingly large corner of Swede-pop welcomes a polished sound- forward Faye, with “Water Against The Rocks.”