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Fast food at Persillé in Paris

Persillé in Paris, a new restaurant by David and Maxence, is keeping with the growing “butcher to table” trend we’re seeing pop up in NY (re: The Meat Hook in Brooklyn).


This freshly slaughtered fast food concept where the protein you’re consuming is expertly butchered on scene is new for Paris, but the entire food scene there has been seeing a lot of change as of late, so we’re not terribly surprised. Persillé is special because it’s the first place in Paris where you can buy fresh high quality meat, that comes directly from the farm, and also prepares ready to eat food.


The owners decided to use raw materials, but also traditional french butchery design elements (billot, fridge door, faience…). The goal was to create a place that reminded patrons of a butchery, with a modern and comfortable restaurant vibe. The new spot makes homemade sausages (almond maple and veal Marengo among others) and they source their quality product from Auvergne, a cooperative in France who’s livestock happily graze outdoors.


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persille paris Comptoir

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