The Fashionable Teabag Collection

Since their start, Hälssen & Lyon have looked for new ways to prepare and present tea. With the desire to keep tea fashionable, they have collaborated with renowned designer Ayzit Bostan to craft ”The Teabag Collection”. A collection consisting of their five most famous black tea blends in tea bags that look and feel like the most iconic designer handbags.

This limited-edition selection features handcrafted design-pieces which fit perfectly with the personality of each brew – a way to say thank you to customers for their long-standing commitment. As Dietmar Scheffler, the Managing Director of Hälssen & Lyon, states ”tea never really goes out of fashion. We shouldn’t fear change – we should surprise people on a daily basis.”

Debuted at the Vogue Salon during Berlin Fashion Week, the tea bags are made from cordless silk and permeable cotton and arrive packaged in a handmade box.