Fanfarlo: Deconstruction

Listen to “Deconstruction” here

      1. 01 Deconstruction

Listen to “Reconstruction” here

      2. 02 Reconstruction


After being sorely missed, Fanfarlo has finally released more tunes to turn their fans’ worlds right-side-up again. “Deconstruction,” plus B-side, “Reconstruction,” is the pair of singles the London-based five some have chosen to reheat the waters. To be followed by their whole album debut on February 28th of next year. Both tracks, although respectively unique, showcase the melange of punk folk that mixes an extremely eclectic group of instruments and styles comparable to the magnificent Arcade Fire. Clarinets talk to the mandolin, which invites the musical saw to join the violins making for a motley gang of sounds for your ears. Their musical fusion is exactly what has and will continue to accumulate fans and a growing reputation.

It would be a poor presentation of the 5 year road this band has journeyed if we did not also feature “I’m a Pilot” and “Finish Line,” two favorites off their 2009 album, Reservoir. It’s the perfect way to experience Fanfarlo’s life line through song. Be sure to check out their earlier stuff as well. Enjoy!

Listen to “I’m a Pilot” here

      3. 01 I'm A Pilot

Listen to “Finish Line” here

      4. 10 Finish Line