Famous Characters Star in Pantone’s Minimalistic Posters

Famous -Characters-in-Minimalistic-Pantone-Posters- 2

No one can imagine a world without color, but a world without the right color is equally unimaginable. That was the point Pantone, the king of colordom, tried to prove, and as expected, succeeded (with flying colors!). In the new posters, Pantone chose iconic animated characters, like Garfield, Kermit the Frog and the Cookie Monster. And because we wouldn’t change a thing about these folks who we grew up with (and still do), we can’t help but agree with Pantone: There can only be one.

Famous -Characters-in-Minimalistic-Pantone-Posters- 4

Famous -Characters-in-Minimalistic-Pantone-Posters- 3

Famous -Characters-in-Minimalistic-Pantone-Posters- 7

Famous -Characters-in-Minimalistic-Pantone-Posters- 6

Famous -Characters-in-Minimalistic-Pantone-Posters- 5


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