Nian Fish

Faces Behind the CFDA Fashion Awards: Interview of Nian Fish

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Trendland in collaboration with smartwater is pleased to present a series of short video interviews in which we were given inside access to the people who make the CFDA Fashion Awards happen. Our second interview is with Nian Fish, Creative Consultant at KCD, Creative Director at Nian Fish and frequent CFDA collaborator.


It was as a young girl in the Lower East Side that Nian Fish got her start in show production, casting the local talent in variety shows.  Little did she know she would grow up to become one of the pioneers of fashion show production.   Interestingly enough, Nian’s big break came when she found herself filling in for a friend on a Richard Avedon Dior campaign.  That friend was Kezia Keeble, who would go on to found KCD, and collaborate with Nian to revolutionize fashion presentations. As Creative Director of Media Relations at KCD, Nian is responsible for directing fashion shows for some of the biggest brands in fashion today.


“What makes you successful as a designer or model is that there is no definition between work and play. I know that I’m happiest when… it’s not like I’m working… I’m playing… there’s no sense of… oh I have to go to work now. Artists are like that.”

– Nian Fish


Nian Fish



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