AceTate Antwerp

Eyewear brand Ace & Tate Opens new colorful store in Antwerp

AceTate Antwerp

Ace & Tate is an Amsterdam-based eyewear company. As they seek to achieve carbon neutrality in 2030, the brand is looking into every way possible to maintain their sustainable goal.

They started re-thinking their production process by introducing a new bio-based acetate material for their glasses frames. « We want to become an engine for positive change and over time, we hope to make the eyewear industry more sustainable »

As they are expanding with over 50 store openings in 2019, Ace & Tate is also contributing to create a new retail experience.

In Antwerp, the brand decided to build the interior’s shop with plastic waste. They collaborated with the Dutch company Plasticiet, founded by designers Marten van Middelkoop and Joost Dingemans. 

They sourced nearly 1,000 kilograms of plastic waste from the local area together with recycling company Suez.

“The recycled plastic we used is polyethylene, a very common material that finds many uses in industrial and construction appliances as well as domestic products such as food packaging, kitchen ware and toys,”

AceTate AntwerpAceTate Antwerp

From what they collected, they created a colorful terrazzo that looks like traditional marble or granite.
The white based wall is brighten by different sizes of blue, red, yellow and green recycled plastic chips.

Throughout the store, the large panels are used to cover the arches and walls as well as used for displays and counters. The terrazzo booths with mirrors inside offer a joyful way for shoppers to try glasses.

They completed the interior’s unique aesthetic with pastel geometric furniture and the signature neon lighting of Ace Tate’s shops.

The window display highlights the recycling process in a fun and informative way while showcasing some of Ace & Tate new glasses.

AceTate AntwerpAceTate Antwerp

Photography by Lennart Wiedemuth