Exhibitions & Openings For The Week Of March 20


A weekly roundup of art exhibitions and openings from across the globe.

Takesada MatsutaniPart 2: Works from 1977 to 2013 – New York, NY

In a second installation of this large-scale retrospective of Takesada Matsutani’s s work, we see minimalist art at some of it’s very best. The shapes in each panting range in color and size from miniscule to massive, from jet black, to cobalt blue, to pale pink, but all are simple, elegant, and tasteful. Hailing from Japan, Matsutani infuses his work with various symbols from Japanese culture and has the talent it takes to bring you into his cultural comfort zone rather seamlessly. Great work.

Galerie Richard

March 21st through April 20th, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 21, 6 – 8 p

art weekly duane michals

Duane Michals – “The Painted Photograph” – New York, NY

American born Duane Michals has taken a new stance on the traditional concept of “photography.” He uses19th century photographs as his base, many of which have the bizarre, eerie, 2-dimensional feel that old-form photography often has. He then paints over them in bright colors and eccentric shapes .The paint he applies to the photos can range from carefully placed geometric shapes in 21st century neons to floral brocade patterns which weave a tapestry over his historicized subject.

DC Moore Gallery

Mar 21 – Apr 27, 2013

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 21, 6 – 8 pm

art weekly thomas muller

Thomas Muller — “Nothing Rhymes with Orange” – Washington, DC

Minimalism and text-based work all wrapped into one visually charming package, just what I like to see! It is true nothing rhymes with orange, but ironically, there isn’t a hint of color in many of his shows. A fairy ring of letters, pastel hues, and sharp lines all around, I am thrilled that Thomas Muller has brought his talent to DC. In addition to the Obamas, it looks like there a multitude of other cool and fascinating talents also coming out of DC these days, bravo!

Project 4 Gallery

March 23- April 27, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 23, 6-8:30pm

art weekly damien hirst gagosian group show

Various Artists – “Popstraction” – Hong Kong, China

I usually shy away from group exhibitions as I like to see a cohesive and thematic showing of one artist’s work. But this pop art group show showing at Gagosian is an exception. All I have to do is list the names of the artists in this particularly special “group” and it is self-explanatory! Richard Artschwager, John Chamberlain, Dan Colen, Piero Golia, Damien Hirst, Albert Oehlen, Steven Parrino, Richard Prince, Blair Thurman, Piotr Uklanski, and Andy Warhol. Enough said.

Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong

March 21- May 4, 2013

Opening: Thursday, March 21, 2013

art weekly steven parrino

Steven Parrino —  “John Armleder, Martin Barré, Daniel Buren, Simon Hantaï, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier, and Niele Toroni” – Paris, France

Steven Parrino once said, “When I started making paintings, the word on painting was “PAINTING IS DEAD.” Well, it looks like painting is alive and well as Parrino is exhibiting a smattering of his best at Gagosian Paris this Thursday. Parrino has an edgy punk rock sensibility that makes his painting aggressive and his statements daring — there is a wild streak of rebellion in every brush stroke. This show will exhibit his work alongside the work of the artists in the show’s title. Parrino, a daring and gifted American and, the group, all extremely talented Europeans —  vive le difference!

Gagosian Gallery Paris

March 21- May 25, 2013

Opening: Thursday, March 21, 2013