art weekly July

Exhibitions & Openings for the Week of July 18

art weekly July

This week, Art Weekly is traveling to Berlin, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Chicago then back home to NYC for a week of stellar national and international art openings. Bon Voyage!

Oscar Tuazon

Oscar Tuazon — “People” — New York, NY

It is summer time and public art is being enjoyed by art lovers across the globe! One of New York City’s most edgy and urban public parks, Brooklyn Bridge State Park, is now planning to display mulitple installations of one of the best public artists of today, Oscar Tuazon. What makes Tuazon’s work unique is the way in which he juxtaposes natural materials and man-made materials in a way that allows them to flow seamlessly into the natural and urban environment. Wooden beams are tightly strapped to metal frames, lush trees are jammed against cast cement forms and all together man and nature seem to coexist, at last, in perfect harmony.

Public Art Fund

Jul 19, 2012 – Oct 13, 2013

Opening: Friday, July 19th


Bernar Venet — “Bernar Venet” — Beverly Hills, CA & Los Angeles, CA

Bernar Venet is a favorite due to the often enormous size and scale of his work, many of which are installed in public gardens and other outdoor settings. This particular show at Ace Gallery, however, will be smaller in scale but include twice the content! Usually monocromatic and three-dimensional, Venet’s work also has a unique mixture of aesthetic elements from high-sculpture to gritty grafitti art and back again. This show will be exhibited both in the Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills location of Ace gallery so LA residents from all over the metropolis can enjoy!

Ace Gallery

July 20 — September 1, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday July 20th, 6 — 8pm, Beverly Hills

Opening Reception: Saturday July 20th, 10 –12pm — Los Angeles

Matthew Cerletty

Mathew Cerletty — “Kitchen Island” — Los Angeles, CA

Mathew Cerletty has a unique aesthetic in that he is not shy about mixing mediums and weaving in and out of different art historical movement. From minimalism to modernism and beyond he always has something new to share. This show also will be rather personal as he mentions that he was going through many life transitions while creating this show. We appreciate your honest Mathew and we look forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve at Blum & Poe!

Blum & Poe Gallery

July 20 — August 31, 2013

Opening: Saturday July 20th

Ron Jude

LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ron Jude and Guillaume Simoneau — “Back Story” — Chicago, IL

Welcome to our only opening this week that will be exhibiting exclusively photography and is also Art Weekly’s very first show exhibiting out of America’s windiest city, Chicago, Illinois! As a writer, I am especially looking forward to this particular show as the photographs will be telling autobiographical stories, intertwining the socio-political environment with the personal narrative of each photographer. In this way the photographs will also be able to challenge the notion of “public space” vs. “private space” and help us to further understand how photography both sustains and contains personal and universal histories.

Museum of Contemporary Photography

July 19 — October 6, 2013

Opening: Friday, July 19th

Martin Gross

Martin Gross — Rutur — Berlin, Germany

Nothing warms my heart like a simple exhibition of drawings by a truly talented artist. Martin Gross will be showing a mixture of large scale works and smaller pieces from the last two years in Berlin this week — all will be works on paper, and all will be drawings. This is the kind of show that displays an artist completely stripped of all of the promotions, stunts and gimmicks that many contemporary works endure from first conception of the piece to its final installation. This is the young artist’s very first comprehensive solo show, and I look forward to many more. Bravo!

Feldbusch Wiesner Gallery

July 20 — August 24

Opening Reception: July 20, 6 pm — 8pm