TrendMix Opala

Exclu: Opala Q+A and Mixtape

TrendMix Opala

Amidst the time changing, delicate, and politically charged craziness happening in Brazil at this very moment, the duo Opala had time, in between protests, to talk to Trendland and make a special Trendmix for us!

Opala, the project by the Cariocas Lucas de Paiva and Maria Luiza Jobim, are part of the Brazilian acts who are driving the music to a fresh direction today. It blends Brazil’s particular musical elements, cultivated in the last 3 decades with earthy, textural sounds. Two artists confidently exploring their niche, showing that Brazil is side by side with the rest of the world.

We hope not only musically, but as a society. #acordabrasil


Your names: Maria Luiza Jobim and Lucas de Paiva


What do you guys do?
Lucas: musical software geek
Luiza: sings in the shower. Together we created Opala.


What aspect of your music is most important to you? Underwater feelings.


What have you always wanted to do and have not done?

Lucas: own a 808 drum machine.
Luiza: ride a submarine.


Best/Worst decision:

Lucas: Best and Worst: training kung fu in the mountains.
Luiza: best: start working with what i love. worst: playing in a jazz band with three singers.


Your best/worst habit?

Lucas: best: i don’t normally like candy. worst: cigarettes.
Luiza: best: sleeping 12 hours per night. worst: sleeping 12 hours per night.


First record you ever bought and favorite track in it:

Lucas: Doggystyle by snoop doggy dog – “gin and juice”.
Luiza: Mamonas Assassina by Mamonas Assassinas – “Robocop Gay”.


Most inspiring records:


1. 120 Midtown Blues by DJ Sprinkles.

2. Sign O’ The Times – Prince.

3. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Yellow Magic Orchestra

This is the hardest question ever. but if i had to pick LATELY…..

1. Atoms for Peace – AMOK

2. Jai Paul Bootleg Album

3. 10,000 Hz Legend – Air


Dream collaboration: Ryuichi Sakamoto, Bowie and Tom Waits

Generation favorite:
Lucas: Kyle Hall.
Luiza: Annie Clark.


Favorite word/phrase: “If you leave everything to the last minute, it will only take a minute”.


Greatest fear: Repeating myself


Media Diet: pitchfork, miss moss, la blogotheque, URBe, tumblr


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