Majical Clouds trendmix

Majical Cloudz Mixtape + Q&A [Exclu]

Majical Clouds trendmix

Majical Cloudz is the musical project of Canadian singer/songwriter Devon Welsh and bandmate Matthew Otto. The music is minimal, yet intensely evoking, reflecting a no nonsense approach. A few weeks we gave you an introduction via the video for “Bugs Don’t Buzz“, off of debut album Impersonator (BUY HERE). Having been so elevated by this debut, we invited them to create an exclusive journey into their world for our readers. Today we are excited to debut Majical Cloudz’ Trendmix! Check out words from Devon below and happy listening! Full track listing is available on Trendland’s Soundcloud.




Your name: Devon Welsh


What do you do? I am the singer/songwriter of Majical Cloudz


What aspect of your music is most important to you? Definitely the feeling of the music. A song is good if the emotions come through properly and I feel like it communicates something true. Keeping it simple is also really important.


What have you always wanted to do and have not done? There are a lot of things I want to do but I never really think about my life in those terms.


Best/Worst decision: Focusing on making music and becoming a musician is probably best and worst.


Your best/worst habit? I bite my nails — objectively it’s the worst but I’ve been doing it all my life and clearly love it so maybe it’s good.


First record you ever bought and favorite track in it: I can’t remember which came first: Backstreet Boys’ Backstreet’s Back or Limp Bizkit’s Significant Other. So either “As Long As You Love Me”, or “Break Stuff”.


Most inspiring records: Elliott Smith’s Either/Or, Arthur Russell’s World of Echo, Nico’s The Marble Index, John Lennon’s John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Minor Threat’s Complete Discography


Dream collaboration: The musical and artistic approach I have right now doesn’t really have room for the idea of collaborating with anyone except my bandmate Matt. That will definitely change, but right now I’m pretty focused on what we are doing and outside collaborations don’t really factor into that.


Generation favorite: My favourite things in my generation? All the things my friends are making. I feel proud to be a peer of people who are geniuses. I don’t really need to name names because some of them are obvious and others nobody has heard of.


Favorite word/phrase: I don’t think I have a specific favourite, it depends on what I’m trying to say.


Greatest fear: Maybe it’s having a ‘greatest fear’? I don’t think I have one, thankfully.


Media Diet: New Yorker, BBC, Guardian, Twitter


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Check out Majical Cloudz debut album via Matador Records here

Majical Cloudz West Coast Instore Tour:


Sunday July 21
915 W Washington
San Diego


Monday July 22
Origami Vinyl
1816 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles


Wednesday July 24
1055 Valencia St
San Francisco


Thursday July 25
The Last Record Store
1899 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa